UK Outreach Has Begun!

First of all, Happy Easter! He is RISEN! AMEN!

What a mighty King we serve!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Sunday! Just thought I would update y’all on my whereabouts and what’s happening on this side of the pond 🙂


After spending a week in Wrexham, Wales for a UK DTS gathering focusing on evangelism, we went back to Harpenden and spent our last week in the classroom. It’s so hard to believe that lecture phase is over and outreach phase has officially begun! We’re halfway through!


The first three weeks of outreach phase will be spent in the UK – first at Easter Camp, and then on to Liverpool.


Easter Camp is very similar to a Christian summer camp but during the week of Easter! The camp is put on by the Armed Forces Christian Union; the kids attending are 11-18 years old and have some sort of family conncection to the Armed Forces here in the UK. My favorite part about that is that instead of counselours, we’re called officers 🙂

The camp grounds are located at Westonbirt School in a small town near Bristol and Bath. It is absolutely GORGEOUS here. I feel like I’m living in a castle or on the set of Pride & Prejudice!


We’ve been spending most of the day preparing and training for this week but once the campers arrive tomorrow, we’ll hit the ground running! I’ll be doing all sorts of things as an officer – I’m a dorm leader for a few 13-14 year old girls, I’ll be helping lead a bible study on 1 Peter, and I’ll also be helping organize/run games and activities! I can’t express how excited I am for the campers to get here! I know God has some awesome things in store for this week!


After we leave Easter Camp on Sunday, we head straight to Liverpool to work with the Next Wave – a YWAM ship ministry that is currently docked in Liverpool.


There we will be living on the ship for two weeks and working with the crew in several different ministries. We will have the opportunity to work with troubled kids in the local area – bring them on board and show them how to tie knots, raise sails, and just really love on them. We’ll also be doing a lot of homeless ministry and other various things. I am SO pumped.


After our two week stay in Liverpool, we’ll head back to Harpenden for about two days and then leave for our six week outreach in ALbania!


These next three weeks are definitely jam-packed but I am thrilled to be out there serving and sharing the love of God!


Be blessed!



2 thoughts on “UK Outreach Has Begun!

  1. Okay this is going to be a little random, but I am currently in the process of looking into different YWAM DTS to go to and Harpenden is one of them. your blog has been very helpful and it makes me excited about the prospect of going!

    • Oh, that’s awesome! I cannot recommend Harpenden enough – it is absolutely wonderful!
      I’ll be praying for you as you’re making this decision and please let me know if you have any questions! I’d be more than happy to help!

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